Zsigmond Oláh

Zsigmond Oláh exploded into the Hungarian fashion world in 2012. minőség, az elegancia és a magabiztosság Ziggi’s brand soon became synonymous with quality, elegance and confidence. The pieces of his collections, which unleash creativity, yet are light and comfortable to wear, have become indispensable accessories for the wardrobe of sophisticated women, and they have also won the recognition of the profession. The national success has opened new doors in the life of the fashion designer. His special vision and pursuit of uncompromising perfectionism is reflected in Ziggi Luxury Bridal & Evening’s wedding and formal attires from 2020.

Az országos siker új kapukat nyitott a divattervező életében. Különleges látásmódja, valamint kompromisszumot nem ismerő maximalizmusa 2020-tól a Ziggi Luxury Bridal & Evening menyasszonyi és alkalmi ruháiban köszön vissza.

Oláh Zsigmond - Ziggi Bridal - Luxury Evening and Bridal

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